Monday, September 2, 2013

Jabber on iPhone and Cisco UC560 Through VPN

Currently, I'm trying to connect Jabber to our Cisco UC560 through VPN. When I tried to call to internal extension under same UC560, the call always got disconnected after 10 seconds.

I searched on forums that this is due to inconsistency on source IP address of the calls. So what we can do is to bind all SIP calls to an interface.

Here are the steps:
1. Look for the interface of "voice register global" from running configuration:
- "sh running-config"
- search for "voice register global" in the result
- take note on interface name. For example: "interface Vlan60"  --> Vlan60

2. Run these commands (on the example below if interface is Vlan60):
Voice service voip
Bind all source-interface Vlan60

Once done, Jabber can work without get disconnected every 10 seconds.

However, I found another issue with SIP trunk. Currently, our company is using VoIPVoIP as SIP provider. Because of the binding command, any incoming calls never got forwarded to phones under UC560. I found that the UC560 SIP trunk configuration always show not registered.

So, I removed the bind command for now. I haven't found the best solution for Jabber.

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