Friday, May 13, 2016

PMP Exam Tips

Good news, I just passed my PMP exam few days ago! Yayy, my effort for the past 2 months was not wasted.

Before the exam:

I actually really read the whole PMBOK book. That's why I took 2 months to prepare for the exam. I didn't pressurize myself on memorizing the terms but instead trying to understand the concepts more.

I also watched some tutorial videos to help refresh my mind because I took the class many months ago and I was afraid I missed the important points. It's good if you can have refresher class too from your training provider.

I tried few mock tests too at the same time so I can familiarize myself with the question format.

Read the glossary. My friend gave me this tip and I think it's helpful.

During the exam:

1. Make sure you're well rested and your stomach is not empty.

2. Arrive at the testing center earlier
So you don't need to rush and be panic.

3. Keep pace with the timer
There are 200 multiple choice questions you need to do in 4 hours. That means averagely you need to do 50 questions in 1 hour. Always check your timer and keep pace with it once in a while.

4. Eliminate wrong answers so you can focus on correct answers

5. If you're not sure, mark the question to be reviewed later but make your best guess first

6. Read the question carefully
Some of the questions are quite lengthy and confusing. If you don't get it at the first time, re-read the question before answering.

7. Get a short break
Get a cup of water to refresh yourself a bit.

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