Sunday, March 13, 2016

PMP Takeaway: Four types of PDM dependencies

In PMP, Precedence Diagraming Method (PDM) is one of the popular tools and techniques to sequence activities (Project Time Management knowledge area, Planning domain). In PDM activities are represented by nodes and are graphically linked to other activities to show the sequences to be performed in the project.

There are 4 types of dependencies or logical relationships between predecessor and successor activities:

1. Finish to Start (FS)
2. Finish to Finish (FF)
3. Start to Start (SS)
4. Start to Finish (SF)

The four types can be confusing to differentiate. So, I use this keyword method:

When A ..., B to ...

So it becomes like this:

1. When A finish, B to start (FS)
2. When A finish, B to finish (FF)
3. When A start, B to start (SS)
4. When A start, B to finish (SF)

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